HiPP Dutch Goat Stage 2 Organic Infant Formula


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Organic Infant Formula Goat Stage 2 Dutch
400 g
HiPP Dutch Goat Stage 2 is made from organic A2 goat milk, meaning it is easier to digest than traditional cows milk based formulas. This is a great alternative for babies who are sensitive to cows milk proteins, and is a health conscious alternative to other goats milk formulas which may not be as nutritionally wholesome. If your pediatrician recommended an alternative milk to cows formulas, HiPP Dutch Goat Stage 2 is worthwhile trying for your little one!
Ingredients: Goat milk*, lactose*, vegetable oils* (palm oil*, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), goat milk powder*, galacto-oligosaccharides from lactose*, calcium carbonate, fish oil1, potassium citrate, vitamin C, sodium citrate, Iron(II) sulphate, L-tyrosine, L -tryptophan, L-cystine, magnesium carbonate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, niacin (nicotinamide), vitamin E, pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate), vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulfate, folic acid, sodium selenite, vitamin K, potassium iodide, vitamin D, D-biotin, vitamin B12.
Allergens: Contains fish and fish products. Contains milk and milk products.
Additional iron may be necessary. Please consult with your pediatrician.