HiPP Organic First Feel Good Tea

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Organic First Feel Good Tea
15 Tea Packs of 0.36 g - 5.4 g
Proven to be tooth-friendly - naturally without added sugar
Without added flavorings, preservatives and colorings
Packaged in practical single portions - quick and easy to prepare
HiPP first feel good tea, from organic fennel, organic anise and organic caraway
Preparation: Fill 100/200 ml of drinking-warm (approx. 37° C), freshly boiled water into the bottle/cup. Add tea powder from portion pack and stir briefly. Check temperature. Prepare fresh tea. Please do not add sweetener.
Drinking Quantity: For children, depending on age, 1-2 servings throughout the day. Dosage: Ready tea 100ml: 1/2 portion (4 spsp.) + 100ml water Ready tea 200ml: 1 portion + 200ml water
Ingredients: Organic fennel extract, organic anise extract, organic comb extract