When I was pregnant with my first daughter, naturally I began researching each aspect of parenthood. My main concern was always breastfeeding. Will I have enough milk? How long will I be able to breastfeed for? Will she latch? Will I be doing a disservice to my child if I gave her formula?

If you are a parent and you are reading this, you know the immense amount of guilt we experience on a daily basis. The simple answer is fed is best. Once my supply began to dwindle and I started to think about formula I knew I had to be extremely selective with which formula I gave to my child. While researching I realized the ingredients in conventional formula are sub-par to say the least.

European formula on the other hand was not. The farming practices, quality of ingredient and standards that European formula manufactures stand by is way above the norm. I was so happy to have made the discovery. There began my passion of informing other parents like myself that there are better options. I realized these formula’s were not easily accessible so I began working tirelessly to be able to provide these products to other parents like yourself.
That’s when Organic Baby House was born.

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