HiPP Comfort Organic Infant Formula

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Organic Infant Formula Comfort
600 g
HiPP Comfort is a gentle, easy-to-digest formula that’s suitable for babies of all ages, including older babies and toddlers who have begun eating solid foods. HiPP Comfort is specifically designed for sensitive digestive systems. The reduced lactose content in the formula may help to relieve ongoing issues such as colic, constipation, bloating, or gas, while the other carbohydrate sources (maltodextrin and starch) contribute to a thicker, creamier product that will help babies stay full. The whey proteins in HiPP Comfort have been hydrolyzed into small fragments that are easier to digest. HiPP Comfort also features a special vegetable oil blend with beta palmitate, in order to provide necessary fatty acids without irritating your little one’s tummy.
A sensitive tummy is not uncommon in the first weeks and months of life. The digestive system is often not fully developed, which can be manifested by bloating, colic and constipation and is often associated with excessive crying. This can be a heavy burden on the family.
HiPP Comfort special food helps with flatulence, lactose-related 3-month colic, has a stool-regulating effect and is precisely tailored to your baby's nutritional needs. Thanks to its special composition, HiPP Comfort Special Food has a stool-loosening and stool-regulating effect. HiPP Comfort Special Food contains easily digestible lactose. Since lactose is not tolerated so well by some babies, the lactose content is significantly lower than in conventional milk foods.
Can be used to exclusively feed your baby from birth. The fat content is particularly easy to digest because its structure is particularly close to the fatty acids found in breast milk.
Prebiotics, Probiotics
Made in Germany